Morocco Bound


Heidi’s off on her travels again. This time we’re heading for Morocco and we’re trying something different; Heidi has her own Facebook page:
Click on ‘Follow’ (at the top, under the picture) to get regular updates of what we’re up to.

We’re also making another Google Map of our journey:
This time there’ll be more pictures and a diary / blog attached to the relevant positions on the map. Just click on the markers.

Facebook is much easier to work with and is more interactive and easy to ‘chat’ etc. The Map more easily ties the photos and stories to a location and is easier for us to add to as and when we can.We’ll see how this works. Let us know your thoughts..

2 thoughts on “Morocco Bound

  1. chausson8a

    I really like the Google Maps feature and use it on my blog too, but instead add a URL link on each place marker to a blog post: I really like the way you’re marker information is formatted, with title, description and photos. I’ve seen how to add photos but your layout and format is much cleaner and informative. Looks great! Enjoy Morocco


  2. heidihymer Post author

    Thanks Paul. Whenever I’m reading other people’s blogs, I’m always stopping and trying to look up where they are on a map. So hopefully this method solves the problem. Now off to have a look at your blog…


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