Maps of Heidi’s Travels

These are all Google Maps. You can zoom in and move about. Click on the pushpins for more info. and photos.

The combined info of all our stops and other POIs is here:

Our latest winter journey to Morocco:

We spent winter 2016 in the the Algarve, South Portugal: 

Heidi in the UK: 

Heidi’s route through Europe and wintering in the Greek Peloponnese, during 2014 – 2015: 

Our first winter away. Spain and France. (2013-2014). 


3 thoughts on “Maps of Heidi’s Travels

  1. Terry Webb

    Hi it looks amazing and very envious here lol. Is there a way i can save your route for our use because i would to do the same maybe in the summer. Many thanks.Oh will send an email in case you dont see this for a while
    Terry and Carole

    1. heidihymer Post author

      Hi Terry and Carole. Our map will remain a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future, so you can look at it at anytime. You do have to be online though. I don’t think it’s possible to look at Google Maps offline? Best wishes for your trip. If you write a blog or make a similar map, be sure to send us the link.
      Regards, Peter and Elaine


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