……HEIDI – is a 18-year-old left hand drive Hymer B574 motorhome with a Fiat 2.8 turbo diesel engine.  Her best features include a fixed double bed (essential for long-term living), a large ‘garage’/storage area and small but excellent loo & shower.  Although Heidi can be a tiny bit skittish in the wet (Front wheel drive is not ideal with something of this weight!), she has reliably and steadily looked after us since we teamed up in Nov 2012.  Living up to her name Heidi seems happiest when rolling up and down hilly mountain roads.


…..PETER & ELAINE –  we have being living chez Heidi almost full-time since Dec 2012, We are really enjoying our simpler downsized lifestyle and the freedom that it brings.  We tend to park in the quieter places; preferring beaches, lakes and mountains to cities. In the last couple of years we have discovered ‘Workaway’ (a volunteering / cultural exchange organisation – ww.workaway.info), which has helped to expand our horizons still further. It is certainly true that the more varied your life, the more time you appear to have to enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen Rix

    Its great that you have set up a blog, as you are so good about documenting your trips! I look forward to keeping in touch about your travels. Enjoy – keep safe and be happy! (*-*) xx

  2. Wayne

    Hi P&E just found your blog via your “Our Tour” post. Im just happy Ive found another tour blog to read. So Im gonna start at your first post & let you know when Im up to date. Good lick guys.


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